S1 4 x 60’
S2 5 x 60’
The Show

What’s It About

The real-life ‘Coming to America’… Three bona fide Royals from around the world come to the UK in search of true love. To ensure that the people they find love them for themselves and not their wealth and status, they go undercover – living and working as ordinary people. They’ll look after themselves for the first time in their lives with everyday jobs. They hit the singles scene: trawling bars and clubs, heading online, speed dating, blind dating – whatever works. At the end of their time, the Princes and Princesses must decide on a partner, reveal who they really are, and whisk their new love back to their kingdoms. Can a Royal find love with a commoner?
The Undercover Princes was Rose D’Or nominated Best Reality in 2009
Discovery TLC in the USA picked up the format for 2 seasons as SECRET PRINCES, as have various other countries.